Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

We’ve seen a lot of kitchen remodeling projects go wrong.  At the same time, we wanted to point out some examples where the remodel went really well.  We hope that these examples can provide inspiration for your next remodeling project.  You can really transform your kitchen by working with the right kind of contractor.  Let’s jump into some examples of what we think is pretty fine work.


Why do we like this kitchen?  We think the color scheme is amazing.  The different components aren’t all just one color.  The dark brown of the cabinets meshes quite well with the darker and lighter colors from the other parts of the kitchen.  We think the drop-down lights add a really cool element to the overall look.  The counter tops are made from great material.  If I had to guess, I would say that the island wasn’t there originally.  Now that it is there, it just looks great.  Overall, it’s a great kitchen.


This kitchen provides a bit of a different look from the one we speak of above.  The all-light colored cabinets provide a really trendy look, especially when compared with the dark counter tops.  This gives a more modern design.  This is perfect for people who want their house to be more fashion forward.


This is more of a traditional kitchen, but it shows that you can go a long way with a more traditional design.  The contractor did a great job of maximizing the space that was available.  The counter tops are great and the floors are just to die for.

These are just three examples of great kitchen remodeling work that we’ve seen recently.  Let us know if you agree with our choices or not in the comments!

White Fence Inspiration

We love white picket fences here, and we wanted to share some pictures that will hopefully inspire you and help you see what a nice white fence can do for your property.  White fences aren’t appropriate for all properties, but for the right property they can really add a lot of class and value overall to the home.  Here are some pieces of inspiration for you!


This is just a classic home.  I like how the fence is far out from the home itself.  It really adds a level of security to the home.  It won’t stop all intruders from entering the premise, but it might stop a few.  It also adds a layer of privacy, so kids can play in the front yard in peace.  The fence matches the color of the house, which is a really nice touch.  Overall, it’s just a great combination.


This is a different take on things.  The color of the fence matches the house again in this instance, but the red roof provides a really cool contrast.  This fence is constructed in such a way as to keep the animals of the house in a nice enclosed space.  It is functional and it looks great.  The scenery in the background certainly doesn’t hurt either.


This home shows that you don’t have to have a huge fence to have a great impact on the look and feel of a property.  In this case, the fence isn’t so much functional as it is stylish.  It also shows the whole house doesn’t need to be white for the color combination of fence and house to make sense.  This is just a classy-looking fence.

We’ll share more in the future, but we happened to really love these three houses/fences.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

Welcome To Our Website!

Welcome to our website, Maple Grove Hot Springs!  We are excited to get this site started.  What can you expect from this website?  Well, our site is about everything related to your home.  That means we will provide inspiration for your next home remodeling project.  We’ll give you gardening tips.  We’ll tell you how to clean and maintain your wooden fence.  We’ll give you lots of tips and provide lots of inspiration for you.  We’ll also just post anything that we think is cool related to the home.

We have found that across the Internet, there isn’t one good central source of information about the home.  We’re talking about an all-encompassing, one-stop resource where people can come to every week and expect to be wowed all the new content related to the home that there is.  We aim to be that resource for people.

We have a team of writers and content producers working for us that have a wide range of expertise and experiences.  We have someone who knows about all the latest technology that you could put in your home.  We have someone who used to be a general contractor and can help you fix or remodel anything at your home.  We truly have the best group of people on staff to provide an amazing experience for all our readers.

We are looking forward to getting started.  We envision this being an active community.  If you like a particular post, let us know.  If you want to comment on a post or send us an email, please do, as we would love to hear from you.  We want to put out content that is loved by our readers, so we definitely want to hear your feedback on what we put out.

We are ready to get this party started.  Welcome again to Maple Grove Hot Springs!