Tips On Choosing A Great Fence Contractor

If you have decided you want to get a new fence installed on your property, the next decision you are going to have to make is which contractor you are going to choose to do the job.  You can always try to get the materials and install the fence by yourself (info from Lowe’s here), but we’re not sure we would recommend that unless you really know what you are doing and want to undergo a fairly large effort.  How should you go about deciding which fence company you should choose though?  We’ll go through a few things you should think about when trying to make the decision to find the best fence company.


There should be a number of reviews for each fence contractor available online.  You can go to places like Yelp or Angie’s List generally to look for reviews.  I would be careful when assessing reviews that you see online.  A lot of times the contractor might have people they know write a bunch of good reviews for them.  So, generally you should read reviews but also take them with a grain of salt.  It would be a red flag if you don’t see any reviews available.


It’s safe to say that any legitimate business in the fencing industry should have a website up.  While you shouldn’t completely discount someone based on their website, if they have a terrible website then you have to wonder how that translates over to their fencing work.

fence company

Previous Work On Display

If a fencing contractor is good, then they probably would want to show off some of the work that they have done in the past.  If they are unwilling to share with you work that they have done in the past, then that to us is also a major red flag.  Ask to see some of the work that they have done in the past.

Experience With Fence Type At Hand

If you have decided which type of fence you would like to go with, then you should make sure that your contractor has lots of experience specifically working with that type of fence.  They may be experienced, but if they haven’t worked much with the type of fence you want, then I would consider other options instead.

This was a good quick list of what to look for.  If you do these things, you should be on your way to finding a great fence contractor.

Major Plumbing Tip- Know Where Your Main Water Valve Is

We are not necessarily plumbing experts here at Maple Grove Hot Springs.  However, we do know some of the most basic things about plumbing and your home that can really make a difference of some sort of plumbing situation arises at your house.  If you’ve ever had a ruptured pipe in your sewage system, you know how terrible that situation can be.  There are other situations where you might have a fairly big leak and you need to get it to stop temporarily in the meantime before the plumber can get out to your place.

There are a few basic things you should know about your plumbing that can be critical in preventing problems with your plumbing from becoming disasters.  One of the most basic things is simply knowing where the valve to your main water line is.  Why would you want to know where this located?  Well, if you have a ruptured pipe or if you have a major leak, then the only real way to deal with that in the short-term is to shut off your main water valve.  The time to learn where that main water valve is before a disaster strikes, not when it happens.

Instead of us trying to describe where the main water valve is and how you can locate it, you should check out this video instead.  It gives a good overview again of why you would want to know where you main water valve is located, and it explains how you can find the valve in your house.  Let us know if you have any further questions about this issue.  Trust us when we say that it is important!

To Get A Fence Or Not Get A Fence

A lot of people wonder whether they should get a fence for their property.  They might have a specific reason for doing so, or they might just feel it’s a natural thing to do.  We thought we would put together our thoughts on the issue and list out the main reasons why you would want to get a fence in the first fence.  You would then need to balance these reasons against the cost of getting a fence, which varies but can be quite expensive.


A big reason people get a fence is because they think it adds a really nice look to the property.  Different fence types look better or worse on certain types of properties.  If you were getting a fence mainly for security purposes, you probably wouldn’t select a fence type that looks amazing too.  There are trade-offs when selecting a fence, and looks usually comes at the expense of functionality.  Also, a lot of the best looking fences can be the more expensive types, so that’s another consideration as well.  If you are looking to get a fence because of looks, then you might have to pay a decent chunk of change for it.


Fences are good deterrents to potential burglars.  If someone is determined to get into your house, they will probably be able to figure out how to get past your fence.  However, a fence can still be a big deterrent to some people.


A lot of people don’t want others to view them while they are hanging out on their front lawn.  A good way to make that happen is by putting up a fence in the front yard.  It is one of the more popular reasons why people choose to get a fence.


Some people have pets that roam outside.  Fences can be the perfect way to make sure pets aren’t able to leave the property.  If you have a dog or another pet that spends a lot of time outside, this may be a consideration for you.

There are plenty of other reasons why you would want to get a fence.  You should assess why you really want to get a fence and then see which fence type would best fit that purpose.  From there, you should see how costly it would be to get that fence type onto your property.  Then you’ll have a judgment call as to whether you want to proceed.  See here for more information on the installation process and our article on choosing the right fence type.

Let us know if you need help deciding.

Essential Tools For Your Home

A lot of people don’t know their way around their house when it comes to fixing things.  A lot of problems that arise at your home can be fixed if you have some basic DIY knowledge and some essential tools.  There are certain tools that we definitely recommend that you have.  We’ll go quickly through that list here.

Screwdrivers– A lot of problems that will arise at your house can be solved simply with a screwdriver.  Maybe a nail gets loose and you just need a screwdriver to tighten it up.  We suggest getting a set of screwdrivers because there are so many situations that will come up that will call for screwdrivers of different sizes.

Pliers– You’d be surprised at how often you will have to use some basic pliers.  In fact, just the other day my doorknob came loose and fell off.  I would have been stuck inside if I didn’t have a set of pliers to reach in through the knob hole and pull out the metal that the knob gets attached to.  That’s just one easy example where a handy set of pliers can get you out of a jam.

Tape Measure- It goes without saying that there are so many situations where you could use a tape measure.  This isn’t so much about fixing things than it is planning for things.  If you want to see if you have space for a new desk, it is very helpful if you have a tape measure to see exactly how much space you will have.  Don’t go without having a tape measure.

Duct Tape- Duct tape serves a lot of purposes and probably way more than you would ever realize.  We won’t go through any specific situations here, but trust us when we say that you should always have duct tape available and around just in case something happens.

Drill- It’s great and very handy to have a cordless drill.  This can be more effective than a screwdriver in certain situations, so it is a great complement to having a nice screwdriver set.

This is just a quick list of the bare essentials.  Let us know if you think that we missed anything in the comments!

Tips On Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

Let’s say you have decided that you want to go ahead and do a home remodeling, whether it’s a small bathroom job or a huge kitchen renovation.  Either way, the most critical factor for your success is the contractor that you choose.  As you can imagine, not all contractors were created equal.  If you make the wrong decision, you could be out a lot of money and you might have to redo the whole thing.  In order to avoid having to go through that nightmare scenario, you should do some upfront work to make sure you hire the right person.  Here a few things you should keep in mind when you are looking at who to hire.

Look For Reviews/Referrals

If the contractor has been in business for even just a small period of time, he will have a number of customers that he has worked with in the past.  There are now a plethora of websites that have pretty credible reviews of different service providers.  Angie’s List is one in particular that comes to mind.  On those sites, you should be able to read some reviews of how the contractor performed for other people.  If there aren’t any, then you should ask the person for referrals.  If he is unwilling to provide any referrals, that would be a major red flag in my opinion.


We suggest interviewing each contractor.  Ask the person what the exact plan is and what the exact schedule would look like.  If they are providing an estimate, ask them to explain in detail why the costs are what they are.  Ask them the tough questions.  If you do, it should be pretty apparent how legitimate the person is and also how honest and fair they are as well.

Ask For Everything In Writing

The biggest disputes in remodeling projects happen when there is no agreement in writing.  You should avoid that situation entirely by getting everything in writing.  It would be a major red flag if the contractor doesn’t agree to put everything in writing.  It’s the best way to avoid any disputes.

Those are just a few ideas for how to select the contractor for your next remodeling job.  Good luck to you, and certainly let us know if you have any questions in the comments!

Bathroom Remodeling Inspiration

We have noticed that it takes a lot of time for people to decide exactly what they want from a bathroom remodel.  If you want a total renovation, it’s hard to conceptualize exactly what is possible with your specific bathroom, given that it is going to end up being so much different from its current state.  With that being said, it is always helpful to look at remodeling jobs from other place to get inspiration for your own bathroom remodeling.  We’ve put together three quick pictures of what we considered interesting and potentially inspiring remodeling projects.

bathroom remodel

This is a very elegant look.  It may not seem like it at first, but the color scheme that is at work actually matches fairly well.  Some people might say they don’t like the blue tiles around the bathtub matching with the dark brown wood color around the sink, but I think it looks pretty interesting.  Adding the shelves on the right is really classy and it adds a lot of extra function and space to the whole bathroom.

bath remodeling job

This type of look for a bathroom is probably best fit in a house that is more western.  Perhaps somewhere like LA or Phoenix would fit best for a bathroom like this.  It is a totally different look from the first picture that we posted.  What makes this look pretty cool to us is the symmetry.  It adds a bit of class and order to the bathroom while also still looking pretty cool.

another bathroom

This bathroom is huge, so it might not be possible to replicate for everyone, depending on their budget.  If you did have a big bathroom space that you wanted to remodel, this is a really cool bathroom that shows you what is possible if you think big enough.  They even have plants in there!

We wanted to provide a variety of pictures here so that we could cater the highest number of people possible.  What do you think of these bathrooms?  Do you like them?  Let us know in the comments!

Picking The Right Fence Type

We know lots of people who know they want to get a new fence, but they aren’t really sure which type of fence would be best for them.  How should you go about deciding which type of fence would be best for you?  Well, we’ll put together a quick checklist here that can help you decide.


Know your budget.  Certain fence types cost much more than other fence types.  Split rail fences might be the best looking type of fence for your property, but they might be more expensive than you are willing to pay.  Figure out what your budget is and then start to proceed from there.


Figure out why you want to get the fence in the first place and what the main purpose would be.  A lot of people get a fence just because they think it would look nice.  Other people get it more security and/or privacy reasons.  Yet others will get a fence to keep their pets on their property.


Will you have time to maintain the fence?  Do you mind spending time and effort maintaining your fence?  The answer to those questions will affect which type of fence you should get.  Certain types of fences will require a lot of maintenance, while other types of fences will require next to zero maintenance.  Figure out how much time and money you are willing to spend, and then from there you might be able to hone in on which type of fence would be best for your property.


This is a subjective criteria, but you need to decide whether you like the looks of the different fence types and see whether they would fit well with your home.

These are the four main things we would recommend going through if you are thinking about getting a new fence. See what Angie’s List has to say here as well.  Let us know if you have any questions or if you think we missed anything!

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

We’ve seen a lot of kitchen remodeling projects go wrong.  At the same time, we wanted to point out some examples where the remodel went really well.  We hope that these examples can provide inspiration for your next remodeling project.  You can really transform your kitchen by working with the right kind of contractor.  Let’s jump into some examples of what we think is pretty fine work.


Why do we like this kitchen?  We think the color scheme is amazing.  The different components aren’t all just one color.  The dark brown of the cabinets meshes quite well with the darker and lighter colors from the other parts of the kitchen.  We think the drop-down lights add a really cool element to the overall look.  The counter tops are made from great material.  If I had to guess, I would say that the island wasn’t there originally.  Now that it is there, it just looks great.  Overall, it’s a great kitchen.


This kitchen provides a bit of a different look from the one we speak of above.  The all-light colored cabinets provide a really trendy look, especially when compared with the dark counter tops.  This gives a more modern design.  This is perfect for people who want their house to be more fashion forward.


This is more of a traditional kitchen, but it shows that you can go a long way with a more traditional design.  The contractor did a great job of maximizing the space that was available.  The counter tops are great and the floors are just to die for.

These are just three examples of great kitchen remodeling work that we’ve seen recently.  Let us know if you agree with our choices or not in the comments!

White Fence Inspiration

We love white picket fences here, and we wanted to share some pictures that will hopefully inspire you and help you see what a nice white fence can do for your property.  White fences aren’t appropriate for all properties, but for the right property they can really add a lot of class and value overall to the home.  Here are some pieces of inspiration for you!


This is just a classic home.  I like how the fence is far out from the home itself.  It really adds a level of security to the home.  It won’t stop all intruders from entering the premise, but it might stop a few.  It also adds a layer of privacy, so kids can play in the front yard in peace.  The fence matches the color of the house, which is a really nice touch.  Overall, it’s just a great combination.


This is a different take on things.  The color of the fence matches the house again in this instance, but the red roof provides a really cool contrast.  This fence is constructed in such a way as to keep the animals of the house in a nice enclosed space.  It is functional and it looks great.  The scenery in the background certainly doesn’t hurt either.


This home shows that you don’t have to have a huge fence to have a great impact on the look and feel of a property.  In this case, the fence isn’t so much functional as it is stylish.  It also shows the whole house doesn’t need to be white for the color combination of fence and house to make sense.  This is just a classy-looking fence.

We’ll share more in the future, but we happened to really love these three houses/fences.  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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We have found that across the Internet, there isn’t one good central source of information about the home.  We’re talking about an all-encompassing, one-stop resource where people can come to every week and expect to be wowed all the new content related to the home that there is.  We aim to be that resource for people.

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